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31st-Dec-2015 12:01 am - My Intro Post (And yours too.)
To keep things clear and concise.

I am Mia, an Aquarian born on the twelfth of February, year 1988. I currently work as an emergency room nurse and a part-time clinical preceptor in a humble hospital in Southern Luzon, Philippines. My top three interests are music, art and my profession. Literature almost ties up with the third. Like everyone else says, there is more to me that meets the eye, and that is exactly the reason why this blog is created: to read the thoughts beyond my clouded eyes.

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I am interested to know your story. Comment on this entry with an intro like mine (how many paragraphs, your choice) and let's see how we can work out a budding friendship. ;)
28th-May-2012 10:45 am - Trail.
We need rebels in the present world!
Good day~ Contrary to popular belief, I'm still active at the blogging industry. I'm reaching my tenth anniversary soon! Still, I believe many things have changed since I last typed something here. I'm available for consultation through the following!

yahoo messenger: bluegreen0212 | Skype username: theatypicalaim | gmail address: theatypicalaim@gmail.com

official website | tumblr | fanfiction LJ | twitter
ninety degree angle is always right!
Hm hm. Hello? I am not quitting Livejournal because this is the place where I stalk and leech fandom stuff. I also read yours posts but as always I am a lazy commenter. Dropping by to say that from now on I will use my FANFICTION BLOG, c0nfabulati0n to keep track of your activities just so I can have clarity with myself and the others who are still interested to communicate with me. So don't be surprised if the abovementioned username will request for your friendship. It means I still want to communicate with you.

I won't use this space to tell you what happened with me as they are numerous... which brings me to my second purpose of blogging. As you all know, I have transfered to i.ph but it saddens me when I don't have an audience. (Yes, I need appreciation!!!) The point here is starting next decade (2011, that is.), I will be blogging at WORDPRESS. http://apicalbeat.wordpress.com shall be the link name, and it shall have everything of me in one go. Which means, yes, an official website. Don' be afraid to link me in; I will love to see you there.

Last thing, if you want to talk to me, you can do so at the following handles:

1. yahoo messenger: bluegreen0212
2. Skype username: theatypicalaim
3. Gmail address: theatypicalaim@gmail.com

So, I shall be watching the Hunter x Hunter ~ The Nightmare of Zoldick over at Youtube. As I said, my interests haven't changed that much... but I did. Happy Holidays!
13th-Mar-2010 02:30 am - 02. Dare

One night while I was teaching a group of student nurses, they told me they have never experienced inserting needles into the vein. I secretly pitied them for not having that important experience, hence I demonstrated the procedure using one of the student's hand (He volunteered.) and ended with a challenge: insert a line on my vein. Their reactions ranged from "What? But we'll hurt you since this is our first time!" "I have shaky hands! I won't do that." to "Anyone? I already have experienced that, so I don't have to do that anymore. (walks away)" Finally, one of them responded. With trembling, sweaty hands, she was able to shoot the needle into my vein. However, since she was very nervous, she inserted it too far, leaving the messy bruise on my left hand as you see on the above picture. The next morning, upon knowing what happened, my fellow teachers told me I was insane. (Students are technically not allowed to do that.) To avoid arguments, I acted as if I didn't hear them. But as I think about it, I concluded that they are playing safe and are depriving the thing a teacher should give her students: experience.

"Experience is the best teacher." I believe that statement because I was once a student myself. To be honest, I did not learn process of labor and assisting a mother in giving birth from my school teacher. I learned it from a common midwife of a common lying-in clinic. That old lady with a kind smile guided me on the birth assessment, made me stick my fingers in that birth canal, and allowed me to hold the delivered, bloody baby with my own hands. I realized that the things I read on books feel very differently once the situation is laid out in front of my eyes. Also, I was frustrated upon seeing that my teachers who are actually supposed to be the ones teaching me the proper way aren't doing what they should be diligently doing. Now that it is my turn to guide students, I want to be a teacher who does her job properly; not sit there and let her students self-study or conduct group reports until the bell rings. ("I get my proper salary without breaking a sweat. Why bother wasting my voice to a stubborn crowd who won't even listen to my lectures?" That will probably be their defense.) I want to be a teacher who will make sure that their expensive tuition fees are spent wisely. Daring them to learn, and even get wounded, just to learn. After all, when we were kids, each one of us have fallen down before learning how to stand and later on in our lives, walk.

According to a parenting journal I have read, it is necessary for parents to let their children play dirty. Let them play in the rain, on the mud and other elements. It makes them more accustomed to infection hence less likely to get sickly. Also, it was written that parents should not become very protective and punishing of their kids. They should occasionally let them stumble, commit mistakes, for it makes them grow braver and in another sense, more disciplined and knowledgeable of what's right and wrong. Interesting, isn't it? Thinking about it, I remember that my parents let me and my older sister play outside when I was a toddler. When I grew a bit older, they let me drink liquor in our own home and with them. I remember even having the taste of my own feces. Really. Thinking about it, maybe that's the reason why I rarely go down with flu. And, by the time when people my age are addicted to porn movies, cigarettes and alcoholic drinks, I politely decline simply because I have an idea what will I see if I watch La Blue Girl, I already know that smoking irritates my throat and excessive alcohol intake gives me irritating stomach aches. That article on the parenting journal really made sense. Parents are the best teachers, don't you agree?

There are many times in a person's life when he decides to try something different and realizes that it is much better than what he used to do. I have read about musicians changing their image or style, thus losing their fans but gaining another crowd of listeners and perhaps more records sold because of renewed interest. Companies revise their policies and upgrade their systems, loses money and probably decreases speed in execution because everyone is still getting used to the new ones, but in the end productivity has doubled. A dissatisfied undergraduate student shifts courses much to his parent's dismay, but because he liked what he was studying the second time he ends up on the honors list. Or a simple scenario: A man changes his shampoo to a slightly expensive one and realizes his falling hair has decreased with its use. In this lifetime, all of us are students, eager to learn. We are on a journey to make our lives a bit brighter, interesting. We learn from example, or by experimenting on ourselves. All it takes is a thorough consideration of its positive and negative effects, taking a little risk of going against the ordinary, and the proper courage to make it happen. Breathe in and take the step. Do not be afraid. After all, who will benefit from this? Who will learn? It's not me, or him. It is you. Only you.

Still, there were some students who were afraid. It's inevitable, the fear of taking the first step without knowing what will happen next. In the end, I told them, "Help yourself. You won't learn if you won't dare." (Just be sure you're on the right side of the law.)



music: Bjork - Joga

2nd-Mar-2010 09:46 pm - 01. Alone

People raise their eyebrows at me when I say I go to malls, watch movies, dine out, seek out new places, on my own. They always have this impression that going solo is boring. Honestly, I really cannot understand why people cannot stand being alone (Except when they're in some scary, abandoned place.) In solitude there is silence, and in silence there is peace. Silence can give one ample time to reflect and focus, sort out the issues one cannot easily recognize in the daily disarray.

I have to be honest here; a couple of years back I don't appreciate the value of staying still. I am known as the firecracker who lets off laughter and a series of jokes to entertain. It was like that until I met this person and I am amazed on how levelheaded she is, and how she lingered in silence yet she knows exactly what she wants. I took her influence positively and came to discern things with my mouth shut... and my heart open. And it was when things have changed for me, and I wish to stay that way. After all, when I was younger I preferred being alone as well... simply because I don't want to get hurt anymore. Bullying had that effect in my life.

There is beauty and strength in solitude. In reflect of this belief, I make it a point to have my "solo time" every off day. I go to this certain mall by the bay (Let me see you nod your head!) and spend my late afternoon at that place; pondering, even writing down on paper snippets of my frustration, lessons learned, aspirations, dreams. Amidst the laughter and gaiety of the crowd, I sit meekly, with my favorite soothing tunes in my player. I think until either I tire out or I come to a good conclusion. And believe me, after that activity, I go out to see the world with a clearer, calmer head and firmer belief in myself. It is a boost on one's soul, like a miracle. Well, after all, mysterious yet miraculous events occur when one is silent. Prayer, sleep, death... they all happen without sound.

February 14. Valentines Day, also known as the Single Awareness Day. I assume the person who invented the event's alias was someone bitter that he is alone in such a special day. Anyway, it was a Sunday, and I labored for twelve straight hours tending to the sick. After which, I spent the remainder of the day by witnessing this stunning fireworks display somewhere in Pasay City. While I was sipping my caramel frappucino, couples around me were sipping each others' tongues. Awkward, I know, but I had the blast of my life as I was very transfixed on the gorgeous lights display. I savor the moment instead of worrying whether our tongues will get tied up with each other. If I were such a frank person, I could have told them off, "Seriously, I am here for the lights display, not for you. So stop showing off."

Wait, I sounded antiromantic there. It is true that there are times when the me who had been single her entire twenty-two years of existence expresses her impatience. It was a stupid move to linger on such a place with romantic ambiance on Valentines day; it magnified how alone I was but I thought of it this way: I was showing them instead that I am contented being all me, that I do not need someone to complete me in such an exclusive day for lovers. And I will always be proud that I am alone, for there's more to it than being solitary. It buys me time to prepare myself for that someone, to cultivate my own interest without someone hogging me to spend more time with him. I am becoming one, a person who is unified and whole as herself. (And seriously, I am hoping that the person I will be coupling with will be one with himself and as himself too.) I am not afraid to say I am single. Single, yet gorgeous. Alone, yet pretty, well-versed, well-learned, confident. Alone, all in sync. All-one. That sets the difference between the terms alone and lonely. Being lonely is just a state of mind. Why not make it lovely instead?

But hey, will someone accompany me to the horror movie I want to watch?




Hitorigoto - Japanese word for soliloquy. My series of essays are mightily inspired by someone named Shigeaki Kato, a member of the J-pop group NEWS (Needless to say too, I got a healthy admiration for him. My ideal man~) I'm actually planning to name this "Midori Hitorigoto" (Green Soliloquy), but that's rubbing on too much similarity to the said person's ideas. Oh well!

16th-Feb-2010 11:41 am - Still want me?
So, I have made up my mind.

I will be blogging at my i.ph account from now on because apparently, we hit it good the first time. Oh, I can has notifications too. Who wants to be updated every time I have a new blog entry? Please leave your e-mails here. :)
12th-Feb-2010 12:31 pm - Put the past away.
Blog: The Atypical Princess
Emails: theatypicalaim@gmail.com; bluegreen0212@yahoo.com
Yahoo ID: bluegreen0212

Will crosspost entries to LJ at times to keep it active. :)
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